Spring Reversal




Our flowering plum has been out in full bloom for more than a week now.

I made this image on Rollei CR200 a colour reversal (slide) film that I have not used before.

It has a bit of a yellow cast and is quite grainy, but I really like the look of it and minor adjustments in Lightroom deal with the colour as needed.

I think that I should probably shoot it at ISO160, at least in this camera, as it seems a touch underexposed and that might help with grain too.

The Elan IIe is working very well, other than needing the door taped shut, but a part is on the way and I will fix it.


Canon Elan IIe, Canon EF 50/1.4 USM, Rollei CR200, commercially processed, scanned at home and adjusted in Lightroom


4 thoughts on “Spring Reversal

    • Thanks Sherry – it is one of those things you don’t see when it is poking you in the eye as you try to open the car door. But it is lovely, and this film and f1.4 setting on the lens helps bring it out.


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