Sam Weber Band VI



Another shot of the Sam Weber band, underexposed, on film.

Minimalised, I guess you could say.

I have previously taken pictures of this group on film which can be found at Sam Weber Band,  II and III and IV and V





Olympus mjuii, Ilford Delta 3200. Film developed commercially, scanned with Epson V700, edited in Lightroom.





4 thoughts on “Sam Weber Band VI

      • that’s OK .. !

        I like how these underexposed images give that other-worldly feel.

        I recently shot my first 5 rolls of Tri-X and this thing compresses highlights like crazy sometimes … the lack of shadow details makes for a very interesting image … will share one such image sometime soon.

        Liked by 1 person

      • That will be interesting to see. I am so far behind on viewing blogs but in a week or so I will be over the deadline mania.


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