Sam Weber Band III


Another shot from last weekend’s fundraising concert which included the Sam Weber band.

I have previously taken pictures of this group on film which can be found at Sam Weber Band and Sam Weber Band II







Olympus mjuii, Lomography Colour 800. Film developed commercially, scanned with Epson V700 and edited/converted in Lightroom.





6 thoughts on “Sam Weber Band III

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    • Thank you Jane. It really is amazing to me what can be done with such a simple camera. Even though it is a real star in the point and shoot world, in the end there is almost not control over it – focussing is automatic (focus lock mostly works), exposure can be tweaked with the spot meter, ISO is preset (but will read DX coding up to 3200) and it is a fixed focal length (35mm). Even so, if one can get close enough and hold the camera still enough, decent photos can be obtained.

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