Botanical Beach

Do you take pictures of the ground/feathers/sand grains/leaves/ice/litter and so on? All of those can be classified as dirt, according to Dirtgazer extraordinaire Melinda Green Harvey. This fine blog might cease to exist for lack of sustenance. You know, starve to death. But not if you are a Dirtgazer and want to air some of your sediment in public for others to gaze at. If that describes you, then go, nay rush, to the Dirtgazing blog, find the contact info and see if Melinda Green Harvey likes your photo enough to include it. That’s what I did, more than once.


IMG_9861-EditDirtgazing’s back!

To be honest, I was thinking of deleting it, since I hadn’t posted anything in more than a year, but then out of the blue, it got a new follower and a couple of new “likes.” I mentioned this to my blogging friend , who was then kind enough to send along this wonderful shot that he made last spring at Botanical Beach, on Vancouver Island. And the cool part is that I was there when he made it!

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