Sam Weber Band II



On Saturday night we attended a benefit concert which included the Sam Weber Band which our son plays in.

I did not go to take pictures, but I did put some fast film in my pocket along with the Olympus mjuii.

As it happens that same day I learned, or re-learned, that the mjuii has a spot meter, so I thought I would try it out here.

This was shot on Lomography Colour 800, but I like it better converted to black and white.

I shot a 10 years expired roll of Ilford Delta 3200 but it’s not back from processing.

The fund-raising was for the music program in Port Renfrew, a locale which has been on my blog quite a bit lately.

I have previously taken pictures of this group on film which can be found at Sam Weber Band.









Olympus mjuii, Lomography Colour 800. Film developed commercially, scanned with Epson V700 and edited in Lightroom.





5 thoughts on “Sam Weber Band II

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  4. Nice shot! And I now recognize your son playing the guitar in the earlier pictures (which you linked to) … I used to play the drums in college and those were the best times I had then .. 🙂

    waiting for the pictures shot on the Ilford 3200!!

    btw, how’s your GW690 doing? repaired? what was the problem?


    • Thank you Ashoke. Actually, I did not get any shots of my son on guitar on this evening – I ran out of film before he switched over from the keyboards. And he does sometimes play bass with this band too, but not since they got a full time bass player who can be seen in the background. Sam Weber is in the foreground, this is his band.

      While waiting for the 3200 shots, you can see how that film looks through a high end SLR if you click on the link to my earlier Sam Weber Band post. I am not sure how it will have performed in the mjuii. The spot meter is the only control over exposure with that camera and I tried to use it on brightly lit faces, skin, drum heads that kind of thing but I have no idea what angle of view it has. At least with spot meter has to be a lot better than a generalised exposure with such a dark background. Certainly some of the colour shots are lousy exposures probably because I did not get a good spot reading. I suspect the Delta3200 is less forgiving than the colour since I understand it is naturally a 1000ISO film that is marketed as faster and I guess push processed too by way of Ilford’s specs. Not totally sure if this is true, but hey, everything written on the interweb is true, so perhaps it is.

      The GW690 is in limbo. The shutter can’t be fixed, locally, on first blush. However they suggested I see how it is when warmed up and it works fine when warm, less fine when less warm, and locks up when cold. So, I am hoping that when I take it back to them they will be willing to redo the lubrication and that will sort out the problem. Just haven’t got around to that second visit yet.


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