On the Water

Passing Cloud-8813-2

For most of the past three weeks I have been cruising around southern Haida Gwaii aboard a beautiful wood schooner the Passing Cloud,

It was work (or perhaps “work”) and thus I was running full tilt much of the time. But it was fun work which allowed and even required frequent use of a camera. I wish I had taken a 300 mm lens with me as the wildlife was spectacular though a bit distant.

This is a black-footed albatross we saw a couple of miles west of Cape St. James, one of 13 that we  counted in a short run up the west side of Kunghit Island. Many were sitting on the water surface, which explained for me, after years  of wondering, how the inhabitants of the nearby 10,700 year old Kilgii Gwaay site would be able to successfully hunt them.



Canon 5Dii, EF 100/2.8 macro lens, ISO1250, f20, 1/320th, heavy crop


5 thoughts on “On the Water

    • Hi Scout, thanks for your comment. They are not related to gulls. They have much different behaviour and different body structures. And they are much bigger – this kind of albatross is considered a small member of the albatross family and yet its wingspan is around or greater than 7 feet.


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