SGang Gwaay



A highlight of my trip on the Passing Cloud was two visits to this UNESCO World Heritage Site called SGang Gwaay located on the south west side of Gwaii Haanas.

If you want to know more about SGang Gwaay I have written about it in several posts (link) from previous visits.




Canon 5Dii, EF 16-35/2.8 lens @16mm, ISO640, f8, 1/320th


5 thoughts on “SGang Gwaay

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  2. I looked at the previous posts on this magical site ..thank you for the information and the wonderful photos. I am so glad that they are being actively protected
    and recognized for the priceless treasure they are.


    • Thank you Sherry. It is terrific that they are being protected and cherished. This site is the focal point of pretty much every visitor’s trip to Gwaii Haanas, but as tomorrow’s post, and other future posts, will show there are other places like this in the area, though not as well preserved.


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