Music Video Recording II



Another photo from August when my living room became a recording studio for a music video.

Kirsten Ludwig, with a crew from Rocktographers, was making a video of a couple of her songs, which included shooting through the window.

My son was doing the sound and playing piano. The video is not quite done yet, or if it is I haven’t seen it yet.

However, here (link) is a beautiful duet with Kirsten and my son from a performance last winter.

Kirsten has just set off for a tour of Europe, so if you are in the area you can go see her live.

Below is a list of venues from her instagram and twitter accounts, but it is possible others will be added as they are arranged

02/11 • Gwdihw Café Bar• Cardiff, UK
06/11 • The Old Queens Head (early) • London, UK
06/11 • Sofar Sounds (evening) • London, UK
09/11 • Pop In Bar • Paris, FR
13/11 • Cafe Dollars • Nijmegen, NL
18/11 • House concert • Freiburg, DE
19/11 • House concert • Bern, CH
22/11 • House concert • Linz, AU
23/11 • Yoga concert • Linz, AU
25/11 • House concert • Berlin, DE
26/11 • Hotel Burmester • Heidenau, DE
29/11 • The Cellar @ Louisiana • Bristol, UK
30/11 • Tiger Lounge • Manchester, UK
01/12 • Record Cafe • Bradford, UK


Canon 5Dii, 16-35/f2.8 lens at 35mm, ISO1000, f2.8, 1/60





2 thoughts on “Music Video Recording II

    • Hi Val – it was 2007, so very nearly 10 years. My son had grown out of the very old piano we previously had – its poor action and parts that could not be fixed properly was holding his development back. We were lucky to find a U7 for a reasonable price – it is one of Yamaha’s very best upright pianos.


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