Rehab Fears



I fear for the storm drain.

Which is a strange sentence to write, and read, unless you know that the storm drain has become an accidental project of mine.

I pass by its outflow into Ross Bay several times a week and often stop to take pictures.

Those pictures taken over 5 years with many cameras show the drain in a variety of moods and seasons and conditions.

As is all evident from this link to the 100 or so posts I have remembered to tag as ‘storm drain’.

My fear? Engineers have lined the storm drain up for “rehabilitation”.

Bright orange declarations are posted across the street from the outflow and beside the Ross Bay Cemetery.

The adjacent road has rows of what may be linings for the drain.

I take some consolation from the name of the contractor, PW Trenchless.

I don’t think this is a person’s name, though really it should be.

More likely this is a company that specializes in drain rehab without a lot of digging.

If that is the case, perhaps the outflow will survive without visual impact.

I sure hope so.




Olympus XA2, Agfa Vista 200. Film developed and scanned commercially.





14 thoughts on “Rehab Fears

  1. I thought people went into Rehab, not storm drains! Let’s hope that just as with people, it’s what is inside that is rehabilitated and the exterior remains the same. I’m sure you will tell us, when the job is finished.

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    • That’s what I thought too. I suspect this operation involves lining the old drains with a new coating – kind of like an arterial stent, though with fewer “trenches”. I hope this is how it works anyway – all underground and away from the eye and the lens.


  2. Look at all the storm drain fans – and all because of your images! Way to go, Ehpem!

    (On another note, wasn’t PW Trenchless a minor character in an Agatha Christie mystery? “Mysterious Affair at Styles” or “4.50 from Paddington”, maybe?)

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    • There are a lot of storm drain fans. Some even come to town especially to see it, and if they are polite drop by to see me as well.

      I don’t see a Trenchless in Agatha Christie, though Trenchcoats abound. “4.50 from Paddington” has a bunch of Crackenthorpes, which perhaps would be a good name for the CEO of PW Trenchless. I see that book also has a Dr. Quimper, which is perhaps really why you mentioned its character list.


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