Mayne Island with Canon Elan IIe

More catching up on 52Rolls, this time from a visit to Mayne Island earlier in the year. Some in the gallery have been seen on my blog a few months ago, but several have not so click through to 52 Rolls to see more than a dozen images.

52 rolls

Eagle droppings - salmon mandible

Earlier in the year I made a trip to visit family on Mayne island. Near their place is a nice shoreline walk out to Edith Point (map link here). Like many of the Gulf Islands in the Salish Sea, Mayne Island has extensive stretches of sandstone shoreline, often beautifully sculpted by the waves.

I took a Canon Elan IIe wearing an EF 50/f1.4 USM lens and loaded with Kodak Portra 160. A very nice combination to present as my Roll 28 for this year.

Some of these photos, and others from the same roll, have appeared on my blog earlier this year – you can find them at this link.

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