Birthday with Cinestill 800

My roll 47 for the 52 Rolls project was the first roll of Cinestill 800 that I have shot. I still have a few things to learn about using it, but I like the look; the grain is excellent for the exposure speed.

This post mostly has shots from my mother’s birthday part in the spring when I first started this roll. There are a couple of shots from last week on it as well. Go to 52 rolls to see much of this roll at this link. And keep your eyes open around Burnt Embers for other shots from the roll over the next week or two.

52 rolls


This is the first time I have used Cinestill 800. The film has been in my camera since May and I just finished the roll a few days ago. Most of these pictures are from May when I went to my mothers birthday party with some other family members. I am not sure what to think of this film. I had to make adjustments to get decent flesh tones, but I do like how the portraits came out. I had to work pretty hard on landscapes and other subjects too. I probably should have used a filter of some kind given its tungsten description. I did find that indoors shots under artificial lighting did land in a more natural place (with work) than did the outdoor shots.

I have another roll and will do some research on filters before using it. It may have to be a compromise to suit filters…

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