Primary Links


This is out back and down by the inner harbour.

Not sure what purpose this banner has – perhaps it is a display matrix for shadows, which it does very well.




Canon EOS3, EF 50/1.4 lens, Kodak Portra 400.



8 thoughts on “Primary Links

    • Thanks Andy. It was eye catching but as much for the shadows projected from the back side. This photo could do with a human shadow or other additional interest – it is a bit like a backdrop at the moment.


      • I love primary colors. No question that I appreciate really subtle color too, like the colors in the desert, but basic primary colors have always been something I respond to. Do you know Ellsworth Kelly’s work? He did a lot of paintings in primary colors – they’re great in person.


      • Thank you for Kelly’s name – I was not familiar with his work, but it was interesting to look at his art. I am not sure I could live with one of his paintings in my relatively small living area, but in a gallery they must be quite something to see.


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