The Entire Triplet



All three loading bays show up in this view of the back of a Federal building on Langley Street.

That curved structure in the foreground is the “Langley Street Loo” according to this reference, (which might not work on a mobile device not equipped with google maps/street view).

If you do look at that link, can any of you explain why so much space would be left open and unbuilt in the middle of floors 3, 4 and 5?

Was it too let more light into those floors without having real courtyards or atriums?


Canon ElanII, EF 16-35/f2.8 lens, Ilford Delta 100 Pro.



5 thoughts on “The Entire Triplet

  1. I’m sure I must have walked or driven past that building many times in the past, but I certainly never noticed the oddity of all that empty space! Very strange indeed. I have no idea what it was intended for. As for the loo – that must have been added after I moved away from Victoria.


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