Union Station III


This is another shot from Union Station taken while learning from Sam Abell and is another example of his compose and wait philosophy.

One of my fellow students showed Sam and the class a shot taken of my back, arms raised with camera to my face, holding still and waiting at this location.

In her shot there is a mother and child doing interesting things behind me.

I was aware of people behind me and was holding my position on the off chance they would come into the gateway and animate my scene.

But I was not aware that my classmate was further back making photographs.

Once she had her shot, she walked into mine to look for something better, and as it turned out her timing was excellent and I got a photo I can be pleased about.

There are several things to like about this photo, but the best is the internal framing of my classmate within the canopy of the luggage cart.

And I like the blurred motion of the cart which by this time was getting up to speed.

And I just like the cart I did not expect and hence was a pleasant surprise.

But, I was unknowingly ready for the cart, thanks to Sam’s method.


Click the photograph for a larger version.





6 thoughts on “Union Station III

    • Thank you Sherry! I liked the uneven gates. There is a second gateway like this on the same wall, and it too has a bench placed in such a way that the gates don’t open evenly. Strange but I prefer it like this.


    • Hi Mario, sorry for the delay in responding – my time has been consumed by other things lately. The view through that archway is cluttered even without the woman – it has a very poor back layer for putting things against. I did take a shot with just the woman, but it really has little of interest to offer.


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