Union Station IV



This is another shot from Union Station made while studying with Sam Abell.

I feel a fondness for this shot as it is the only scene that I was able to capture in sunshine for the entire visit to LA.

The setting sun peeked out beneath a cloud for about 10 minutes and I made a few quick shots, as well as trying to compose this scene and wait for something to happen.

The somethings that happened were people and a pigeon that walked by and a gap of light opened up in the shadow near the base of the pillar behind the bench.

Minor improvements, but a better picture than where I started from.

My friend Melinda Green Harvey was also on the course, and you might want to check her posts for some different approaches to interpreting the class.

A friend of Melinda’s drove us around one day while a torrent of rain hammered from the sky trying to make us and LA one with the Pacific Ocean.

We set out to see the usual sights, none of which were visible through the rain, not even big ones from very close.

I got out to take pictures of the unseen Hollywood sign and I don’t think I have ever been so wet so quickly with my clothes on, apart from falling in off a dock.

Even my camera shut down. I thought for good, but it came back to life the next day, just in time for me to use it on the course.

So this short moment of sun was more welcome than usual.


Click the photograph for a larger version.





4 thoughts on “Union Station IV

  1. What a story – it’s crazy that you were there for that weather, isn’t it? I hope you had some good meals at least. The museums are good to see, too, but I doubt you had time for that, and clearly, your time was well spent.

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    • It is crazy that I have to leave the northwest coast and the temperate rainforests that I have spent much of my working life in and head to the land of sun and drought to experience one of the worst rainstorms of my life.


      • Sorry, but I had to laugh. And I assume you’re having about the same weather we are lately (Seattle area), i.e. rain and clouds and cold? The sun comes out for a few minutes and if you don’t grab it (and you can’t always do that) it’s gone. Then you think OK, too much sun isn’t good for photography anyway, you go out, and it’s so dreary and dark…OK, I had to vent. 🙂

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      • I would imagine it is about the same in Victoria, but with less rain (normally) and more of those oh-so-brief sunny periods (we are just within the rain shadow of the Olympic Mtns). I quite like the winter around here as there are great skies and those occasional bright beams of low angled light making things glow.


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