Union Station V


Another image from Union Station made while studying with Sam Abell.

I tried several times to make something of this scene, but the found it very difficult for a variety of reasons.

The light was hard to work with and there were way too many people to bring some kind of pleasing order.

This shot is one of very few that comes close to what I was hoping for.




Click the photograph for a larger version.





5 thoughts on “Union Station V

  1. Added to what Sherry said above, it’s obvious the light was hard to work with but the highlights and shadows are very nicely rendered. Maybe you should have yelled “Bomb!” or something? 😉


    • One of my shots at this location has a sniffer dog in it – probably sniffs for drugs, or aliens and not actually to make people safer, but I could be wrong about that.
      It was difficult light, but it was also wonderful light that I was trying to capture as it bounced off the shiny floor. I never got the shot I was after, and thinking about it now, I think I went too wide on my view and needed to get in tight on small subjects to emphasize the light and simplify the setting.


    • Thanks Sherry. That guy ran through my picture in the other direction just a minute earlier, but I did not see him coming and missed a shot. But from this angle I had time to time a shot – the two feet off the ground was a bonus though, no way I could time that I don’t think. For one thing with the back light it was too hard to really see his feet through the viewfinder.


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