Santa Monica Pier II



This photo was taken on the Santa Monica pier at dawn.



Click the photograph for a larger version.





4 thoughts on “Santa Monica Pier II

  1. Totally LOVE this photo Mr E! There is an everyday interpretation (tourist binoculars for viewing a seascape) but it could also have a more sinister meaning being that of 24 hour surveillance, (no privacy from prying eyes, even at the seaside). And a more silly idea, as the machine has an alien look to it from this perspective, like a robot from another planet.

    This is really a ‘you’ photo. The previous day’s pics, not so much for me.


    • Thanks Kate. Robotic for sure – such a classic design. I was attracted to the beauty of the thing, as well as the way it reflected the light from the ferris wheel and of course the gloomy pre-dawn feel.

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