Loading In


I took this photo in Los Angeles just a few minutes before another (here) that shows much of the rest of this mural at the front of the truck.

There are not people getting squashed like bugs here, but it is a common street scene with uncommon decorations.



Click the photograph for a larger version.





4 thoughts on “Loading In

    • Hi Patrick. Indeed. And I see a slot for a ramp just under the deck, but no ramp. Young backs as a substitute – “the good old days”. And probably no corporate health insurance either (if they can’t keep track of a ramp, how are they going to pay those premiums?).


      • Such exploitative practices would not be tolerated in the UK. There are relatively cheap and simple solutions to reduce the risks from manual handling, even in the benighted USofA.


      • I looked my other pictures and it doesn’t look like a rental. This size of rental usuallly doesn’t come with a hydraulic lift – liability concerns I expect and training needed. However everything in the truck is flattened cardboard as is the contents of the box they are carrying. If that is all the haul then at least its not heavy.

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