Drink My Liquor From An Old Fruit Jar

I was walking up this street with Melinda Green Harvey while we were taking Sam Abell‘s workshop in Los Angeles and we both had the same idea for a photo at the same time.

Melinda’s can be seen here – I like hers because the person under the shoe is cringing a bit, as they should be.

I like mine because it includes an advertisement for a photographer, which seems really appropriate.

I am a bit annoyed though because I just wrote a blog title Squashed Like Bugs.

Then I went to Melinda’s post which I have not looked at for a couple of weeks, and found that her title is almost exactly the same as mine was going to be.

Sure am glad I noticed or there would have been trouble in the blog-o-sphere.

I changed mine to an obscure part of a famous song lyric.

Which I had to look up on the internet because I don’t do song lyrics.

And these shoes aren’t suede, so it is not even a good title.

Geez Melinda, such a trouble maker.



Click the photograph for a larger version.





4 thoughts on “Drink My Liquor From An Old Fruit Jar

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  2. A couple of points:
    1. Great minds and etc. re. this photo.
    2. You JUST NOW noticed that I’m a trouble-maker?

    Because I shot this in b&w, I didn’t even remember how colorful those shoes are; the color is good here, against all the gray (including the weather).

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    • 1. Etc, totally 🙂
      2. Well, I had hints before, but you were usually masking them with Bruce Cockburn lyrics or other references, like a verbal master of jazz and deflection.
      3. I know you often don’t see colour when taking photographs, which is interesting to me. The colour was enhanced by the weather – wet and overcast is perfect for this kind of subject.


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