New Olvera Street Cross

This is Jackie Hadnot. He is carving a new cross for the end of Olvera Street in Los Angeles – just the third iteration of the cross since the 1700s.

This photograph is in the basement of a building along Olvera Street, near Union Station, at night before dinner.

I was taking pictures at the other end of the street near the old cross when a very animated man came to me and said if I was taking pictures I would be interested in the cross.

He led me, at high speed, along Olvera Street passing through crowds of tourists down to Jackie’s studio, introduced me and quickly left to find someone else to bring in.We had a nice chat as Jackie carved; I took pictures while he explained his work to me.

He is extremely proud of the honour of being chosen to carve the cross, and to have this work in teak standing on the street for perhaps a hundred years.



Click the photograph for a larger version.





5 thoughts on “New Olvera Street Cross

  1. My Grandfather was commissioned to do the cross a long time ago. I believe it could be the this talented gentlemen carved does anybody know what happen to the one he replaced. My family is interested in acquiring it. 541-292-2828 Wendy


    • Thank you Lynn – he was so excited to share his friends work, how could I not follow along with him?
      I wish I had got all his foot in this shot, but I was concentrating on framing his head and missed that part.


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