Beneath Santa Monica Pier


I knew this photo was a keeper as soon as I pressed the shutter.

I would not have predicted that going into the dark and looking away from the ocean would produce such an interesting view at the Santa Monica Pier.

In fact I had may back to this setting, having not even noticed it, until the gull called out and I turned to see what was going on behind me.

The lesson is pretty clear – look behind you.

I made several photographs of this view, but this is the only one with the gull reflected in the pool and standing upright.


Click the photograph for a larger version.





23 thoughts on “Beneath Santa Monica Pier

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    • Hi Richelieu – thanks for commenting, nice to see you around here.
      I only did a quick conversion in Lightroom and it was so much less dynamic that I discarded it. Perhaps I should give it a proper try. The photo does have a lot of elements that allow it to work well in black and white. But if it diminishes the impact then there is no point to that kind of post-processing.


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    • Thanks Lynn. The gull was what was needed. It’s an interesting setting without the gull as well. In the shots I took without the gull, the cup is a more important part of the scene as a focal point that the eye comes back to.


      • Without the gull it is what Sam calls a “study”. Animated with the gull brings it a lot closer to what he call’s a “photograph”. And I agree about the colour too, this shot is much better in colour than converted to black and white.


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