Beneath Santa Monica Pier III


This is the view in the opposite direction from the photo of pilings with gull (link) from the photo workshop I took in Los Angeles.

I spent a lot of time trying to get this setting well animated, and never quite made it.

But while I was waiting for someone to walk through the foreground of this shot (never happened) the gull behind drew my attention with a call. I am not disappointed to have not got this shot as I hoped, because I got a better one behind me.

If you didn’t see my poll a couple of days ago (here) check it out and vote for the best 4 images from my course with Sam Abell.


Click the photograph for a larger version.





4 thoughts on “Beneath Santa Monica Pier III

    • They are nice, but I wanted a more dominant animation of the photo, something in the foreground that put the boats (life saving skiffs?) into more of a background layer. That was my vision and it did not happen. But I got a few of people down where the jogger is. I suspect they saw me with camera and kept out of the way – so considerate!


    • Thanks Melinda. I have a series of this view, another that I like has the metal detectorist framed in the same spot as the jogger, but I prefer this one for having that detectorist off to the edge on the right. Adds a smidgin of interest to the shot.

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