Beneath Santa Monica Pier II

This is the view sideways from the photo of pilings with gull (link), my favourite image from the photo workshop I took in Los Angeles.

There were a lot of guys with metal detectors on the beach, including a couple working underneath the pier.

If you didn’t see my poll yesterday (here) check it out and vote for the best 4 images from my course with Sam Abell.


Click the photograph for a larger version.





13 thoughts on “Beneath Santa Monica Pier II

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    • I am so sorry that my blog has induced melodrama in your life. It sure as heck wasn’t on purpose.

      I am glad you like this shot as well. I did not even consider it for my long list, for no good reason as it should have been there. I especially like the background details – the other (one or two?) metal detectors, the pedestrian and the pigeons. They are well arranged, though I could barely see them in the bright outdoors – I concentrated on getting the nearest guy in the right place, the other things just fell into place. In this shot, not in the three or four others I took.

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