Fisheye Towers


View Towers is one of my more frequent subjects (see others here) in downtown Victoria but I don’t think I have fit it all in to a picture this easily.

I am out of town for a few days and may not be responding to comments until I get back.



Canon Elan 7N, Takumar Fish-eye 17/4, Ilford XP2.



3 thoughts on “Fisheye Towers

    • That is a very strange association 🙂 I wonder if they used fisheye lenses to film some Avengers scenes. It is a 60s building, or perhaps early 70s, so that helps with the look too. And the lens is from the late 60s, so the vibe is a true one, Avengers or not.

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      • He he, yes, it was a bit tangential. 😊 I believe some of those 60s spy series used fisheye lenses to impart a sense of disorientation when waking up in unfamiliar surroundings after being knocked unconscious, drugged etc. Far out and freaky!😁


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