Roadside Attraction


I see this car beside the road every morning on my drive into Victoria.

Someone commutes to work in it. The dark areas are actually a kind of blue, which is not at all evident in this scan.

Nice to see a car like this getting regular use.

I am off to work in Gwaii Haanas (Haida Gwaii) for nearly 3 weeks, most of that time off the grid.

I am having trouble finding time to schedule posts in advance, so if this blog goes quiet, don’t be concerned.



Olympus XA2, Fuji Superia 200, commercial development and low res scan




4 thoughts on “Roadside Attraction

    • Thank you Andy. I love these mid-century chromed monsters. When I was a teenager there was a ’55 Cadillac limo in my parents field, used as a weather shelter when firing the kiln in the winter. It was black wearing to a deep purple in places with perfect chrome and a baby blue plush interior. I expect that had a strong influence of my aesthetic preferences for cars, an aesthetic that my Honda Fit fails in every single way possible.

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    • Thanks Yvonne, sorry for the delay in replying, I have been home for a bit, but my time was not my own until now, and still is only partly so.
      What I appreciate the most about that car is that it is still in use every day. It is parked in an all day free parking spot within walking distance of downtown. I see it there every day so it is someone’s commuter vehicle. I bet that means many weekend hours are spent fixing things and polishing chrome.

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