Avian Drama


When visiting T’anuu while travelling with the Passing Cloud we witnessed the harassment of an eagle by oyster catchers.

The Haida watchman told us that a few days before the eagle had killed and eaten an oyster catcher on this same beach and ever since the others would not leave the eagle alone, repeatedly dive bombing with a lot of noise.

T’anuu Llnagaay (or Tanu under English spelling) is a village on Tanu Island in Gwaii Haanas.

It has many Haida house frames and features preserved from the 1800s and is an important tourist destination in the area.

It was a bonus to be shown a bit of nature’s drama at the same time.



6 thoughts on “Avian Drama

  1. This is a fascinating story, and image. I love oystercatchers, but I certainly admire eagles as well. Good idea (above) to go back when you have time and brighten it up a bit maybe. The picture captures an amazing moment so well.

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    • Oyster catchers are one of the animals that defines this area – their call is so often heard, far more often than they are seen. The eagles too are very common and frequently heard, but more often seen.
      The photo is already cropped quite heavily, which limits how much I will be able to get out of, but certainly is worth a try.


      • Makes sense that you hear the oystercatchers a lot, see the eagles more – my experience too, in less wild places though. It’s funny how birds’ calls alert you to their presence, and often otherwise you wouldn’t have know they were there – so many times I’ve heard an oystercatcher, THEN looked and found it.

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      • That is my experience too. I am lucky to live less than a block from the ocean along a shoreline that often sports Oystercatchers, so I can get my fill of them when I want.

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    • Thank you StillWalks – this was a quick edit and quite a heavy crop. I think the picture deserves a bit more effort. There sure was a lot of racket associated with this drama.

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