No Drone Zone



Canada recently introduced regulations about where drones can be used.

This is the first physical evidence I have seen of the new rules, not far from the Sandspit Airport (map link) in Haida Gwaii.



I am off to the field for a few weeks. I will have intermittent internet and will try to respond to comments when I can.

Olympus mjuii, Fuji Superia 200, processed at Canadian Film Lab, cropped.




14 thoughts on “No Drone Zone

    • Hi Lynn – the rules in Canada restrict flying, or the kind of “pilot” that can fly, within 9 km of an airport. Which in Victoria area means almost all of Greater Victoria due to multiple airports less than 18 km apart. We were using them in the field this summer to good effect – you can do some very high resolution mapping with them, and also get a very good feel for the area we are working with aerial photography, and also video for communicating out work (such a video will be coming out in the spring I understand).
      The linked article has some good drone footage of work that my colleagues are also conducting a few hundred km north of the project I have been on.
      And this article shows the mapping applications, from a project co-directed by some of my other colleagues on the same island where I have been.


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