Raised Beach


I was working on Quadra Island in August, including excavations on these remnant terraces that were formed during the early Holocene.

Click on the image for a larger view – you should be able to see someone working the screen near the middle of the shot.

We hope that the archaeological deposits we found will prove as old as these raised beaches are.

One day a raven came and chatted to us for about 20 minutes.

The conversation was captured on video with high quality audio – as it happens we were being filmed at the time.

You can hear a short digest of that conversation at this link.


Canon 5Dii, EF 16-35/2.8 lens @35mm, ISO 640, f/3.5, 1/40th, 8 images stitched together


4 thoughts on “Raised Beach

    • Thanks Lynn, I was going for a shot that showed the landscape – very difficult with all these trees in the way! Ravens are terrific companions in the forest, though they can be a nuisance around food (they are quite adept at undoing zippers on backpacks, for instance).

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