Rose Harbour Dawn II



Another view of Rose Harbour (map link) in Gwaii Haanas from the Passing Cloud.

Film processed by the Canadian Film Lab



Olympus mjuii, Fuji Superia 200, processed at Canadian Film Lab




4 thoughts on “Rose Harbour Dawn II

    • Hi Lynn and thanks! Yes, I am very happy with the processing. I am waiting for the results of my rolls from the field in August which I finally sent off along with some other rolls of different kinds of film, it will be interesting to see how those come out too.


      • I’m looking forward to seeing them! I have a roll in the Olympus but haven’t been consistent at all about taking it along, so it will be interesting to see what appears once I finally finish it.


      • That is a joy of film – the surprise remembrance of a shot or place long after. I have a partially shot roll in one camera from two years ago. I really must finish it and see what is there.


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