Dad Drain II


This was a few moments before the shot I already posted (Dad Drain).

I think I like the other shot better as it has clear separation between the dad and kid.

But I sure do like the raised foot in this shot, and quite like the other people too, who might be relatives.

This continues images from the ME Super tests (see here).



Pentax ME Super, SMC Pentax 50/1.4 lens, polarizing filter

Ilford FP4+, expired 09/2011, shot at 100 ISO. Film developed & scanned commercially.





5 thoughts on “Dad Drain II

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    • Hi Lynn – thanks! I did not want to be too obvious taking pictures, so I only took three. The other one is quite different but also nice – it was taken before they took of their shoes and rolled up their pants and has the smaller sibling as well, who also got ready to go out in the wet, but backed out at the last minute and sat on the beach by a log just out of this view.

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