Airstream Alley II


The Airstream I photographed with Earle while he was shooting for the #FP4Party that is happening on twitter this week.

I especially like his fish-eye shots of the trailer (this one for instance) – the lens and aluminum are a perfect combination of curves.

The big red numbers are membership code for the Wally Byam Caravan Club International.

The numbers stopped being issued in the 29,xxx series, and since then have been reassigned to new club members.

This trailer has at least two numbers, with an older one not very well cleaned off.

The WBCCI numbers look like 245 sitting over top of 15245.

Maybe someone will look it up and put a note in the comment.

Something tells me the current owner is not a WBCCI member, and that 245 is probably in use by someone else now.

It is possible to find out who owned the trailer for each number known for a trailer, but I have not bothered to research the numbers.

I think you have to be an Airstream owner to get that information.

Below is a setting shot to show just how incongruous this location is.



Mamiya M645 Super, Mamiya-Sekor 55/2.8 N lens, Kodak Portra 400, developed and processed commercially.


6 thoughts on “Airstream Alley II

    • Hi Lynn. Thanks! I agree – this film has especially nice tones, and a kind of creamy texture that really lends itself well to this scene. I wish it was not so expensive – I would use Portra all the time if it were more affordable.

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    • Thanks raqmaq – it is such an odd sight to find in a grotty downtown alley, and the way the trailer lights up is perhaps a lesson for architects contemplating brick and concrete and dull paint.


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