Mews II


Parts of the Cary Castle Mews, which are around back at Government House in Victoria, are looking pretty rough these days.

Which is, of course, ideal for photography.

Above we see the shadow of @takgyver01, making shots on Ilford FP4+ for the #FP4Party on twitter.

For the shot below his version can be seen here.



Mamiya M645 Super, Mamiya-Sekor 55/2.8 N lens, Lomography Color 800 metered at ISO400,

developed and processed commercially, edited in Lightroom.


3 thoughts on “Mews II

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    • Thank you Peter! It was great light. I really like the Lomography Colour 800 when shot at 400 – I am guessing that might be its sweet spot where it really should be marketed at.


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