Still Life with Shovel II


In a previous post I showed a different view of this shovel, taken with a medium format camera in portrait mode, shot in colour and converted to black and white.

But at the same time, I pulled this tiny camera from my pocket and took a shot on 35 mm black and white film as well.

As mentioned before, this is in the Mews, around back at Government House in Victoria.


Olympus XA, JCH Street Pan 400, developed commercially, scanned at home.



6 thoughts on “Still Life with Shovel II

    • I agree Sherry – the wall is a great backdrop for the shovel. When I look at that wall it reminds me of endless hours drawing masonry walls to scale on archaeological excavations in London. A lot of old walls came out of our digs there. Fortunately I usually worked with someone(s) that liked to draw the walls, and had the patience for the job.


    • Hi Mario – I agree about the brickwork. The first was not a very good exposure, one reason I converted to black and white where I thought I would have a better chance of correcting it.


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