Yarn Mountain

Occasionally when testing a new camera I train it on things around the house.

As it happened when I was trying out a Yashica 44 TLR camera, there was a huge game of queen of the hill going on upon the table.

The young ladies involved are the Quimper Hittys, most of them carved by my partner.

Their adventures are documented at this link.

The low light meant I could test the lens at close focus, and wide open at 3.5, but they had to stay still for the shot.

I took this picture with Rerapan 100, pretty much the only 127 film available these days, unless you split your own down from 120.

I very much like the TLR experience of the waist level view finder and this camera which shoots 4×4 cm negatives is really very small.

It has a terrific lens – if only film was easier to come by.

The film can be processed commercially here in town.

But scanning is something I have to do, with a homemade mask that could be a lot better.





Yashica 44, Rerapan 100, developed commercially, scanned at home.


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