Yashica 44 Test Part 2


These are the rest of the images from my first roll through the Yashica 44.

As I explained yesterday (here) I did not load the film correctly, hence the scratch on many images – the second roll was loaded correctly and has no scratches.

The first shot above is an unintentional double, a risk that is always present with this camera as it has no lock if a frame has been exposed.


These buildings on Wharf Street often pull my attention because of the depth provided by the background building.

Below is a crop from the same shot to show how sharp the negative is.


The old customs house on Wharf Street – with clear evidence of the deficiencies of my ad hoc scanning mask on the edges.


These arches leading out of Bastion Square often catch my attention as well.

I like how the Rerapan has dealt with a wide tonal range here.


Yashica 44, Rerapan 100, developed commercially, scanned at home.


5 thoughts on “Yashica 44 Test Part 2

  1. These frames continue to show what the Rerapan is capable of. I have a couple 127 cameras I enjoy shooting but have shied away from the Rerapan because I haven’t been excited about the results I’ve seen … until yours. Makes me more willing to give it a go.

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    • Hi Jim, my next post has most of the images from my second roll of Rerapan in the Y44. It is somewhat less satisfactory, a bit less contrast, but some of that can be attributed to lousy scanning by me, and some to the low dark cloudy conditions that prevailed with very flat low light.


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