Yashica 44 Test Second Roll


Today I show all but one of the images from my second roll of Rerapan 100 through the Yashica 44.

Some of the photographs in the gallery below have been shown already in individual posts, but I thought I would collate them all into one place.

To see large versions of images in the gallery below click on any image and use the arrows to navigate.


Yashica 44, Rerapan 100, developed commercially, scanned at home.


3 thoughts on “Yashica 44 Test Second Roll

  1. I find this image incredibly appealing. I couldn’t tell you what about it exactly I like so much, but I’d definitely hang it on one of my walls (if only the landlord allowed it).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Rachel – sorry about the delay answering. I am glad this appeals to you. I can’t believe landlords can actually prevent people hanging pictures – that is a bit much.


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