Through a Church Window


Priest’s cassock through a window at St. Stephen’s church – a small heritage church in the Mt. Newton Valley.

The glass in the windows is from the mid-late 1800s, and very wobbly and distorting.

The first picture below shows the effect with a badly focused center, and nice sharp corners – the opposite of what a lot of my lenses look like.


I have not shot the Canon AE-1 Program for a year or more, and am not sure why – it is a very good shooter, and even fits in a (large) coat pocket.

And this is my first time shooting Kentmere film.

I have to say it is remarkably easy to scan – it lays very flat in the film holders, no cupping or curling.

And little customisation is needed for scan settings of most images.

It is even quite affordable so I have no reason to not shoot more of it.




Canon AE-1 Program, Canon FD 50/1.8 lens, Kentmere 400, processed commercially, scanned at home


2 thoughts on “Through a Church Window

  1. I’ve not yet tried Kentmere 400, but I’ve used the 100 a couple times and have not enjoyed how it tends to blow highlights. Looks like that’s not really a problem with the 400.


    • Hi Jim. That is interesting to hear. I just bought a couple of rolls of 100 so will keep that in mind. Perhaps try some bracketing. A friend is experimenting with it right now too including development. I’ll have to check in with him about that too.


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