Front or Back

Around back in Masset, Haida Gwaii.

It actually is the front too since this was taken from the entrance to the motel I was staying at a while back.

The front side on the inlet has no door.

Which shows my confusion regarding defining criteria for front and back.

This is another experiment trying to work out how to make a post via Instagram with the least amount of work.

This time around, for no reason I can decipher, there is no image placed in my Media Library in WordPress, so I can’t set a featured image.

Which might mean that the email notifications and Reader summaries won’t have an image.

When this publishes, I will know!




One thought on “Front or Back

  1. Hi Mr E! Forgive me if we’ve already discussed this, (my memory 🙄) but is Instagram now your best place to publish? You seem to be getting loads of ❤️s. Do you get much meaningful feedback there? Love your pinhole pics btw. Hope all is well with you. 😊 x


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