Adirondack Sunset

Yet another post about the Adirondack chairs placed along our public waterfront – someone put them out here, and everyone leaves them alone, except for sitting.

This is the chair on the rocks at the end of Harling Point which I have featured before. It often has someone sitting in it. When I took this photo the sunset was pretty much done, the painter that I featured the other day was wrapping up just over to the right and it was really quite chilly.

Can you imagine a better place to sit and watch a sunset, ships slipping past, sea lions cruising for fish, ghosts rising from the cemetery? Or, to stare at your iPhone? Strange thing, but I have seen people of all ages reading here, even when its cold, but never noticed someone poring over their electronic gadgets at this spot. Maybe the view puts our toys into some kind of perspective, and they go in pockets. Maybe its the kind of place we seek out to put the busy parts of our lives behind us.


Canon EOS 5D Mkii, Nikkor-N Auto 24mm/f2.8 lens, ISO100, f2.8, 1/25th second.



13 thoughts on “Adirondack Sunset

  1. I could sit here forever and watch the changes in the water, sun, clouds during the day and evening….. When you’re from the mid-west, you look at scenes like this and it just stops you in your tracks! Gorgeous!


    • Hi Judy – thanks so much. It is nice that there are scenes from everywhere that can stop non-residents in their tracks. I feel pretty lucky to live here, and having lived in some other places I did not like much, am glad to have been able to come back here. But, some of those places I did not like much, if I had been looking at them through the view finder I think I would have been a lot more satisfied with them.


    • Thanks David. I love my neighbourhood – it’s a small community, most of us know each other. In the summer there is a weekly potluck in the park, sometimes attended by 25 adults and same number of kids. Not bad for a neighbourhood of only about 50 homes.


    • It is such a great idea of someone’s – to put these chairs out in places like this along the waterfront. Some, like this one, have a memorial marker on them. All are very well painted and I think must be touched up from time to time as they are much better maintained than they would be if they were in my yard. They are not a municipal government offering, they would assume that the chairs would be trashed by the unruly unwashed uncouth youth that we must all fear. It is this kind of smaller thing, that someone thought to do this, thought it was possible and that they were right and the chairs remain in place which make me particularly happy to live in this area. Icing on the cake.


    • Hi Joseph. The three chairs you are thinking of are close kin over on Kitty Islet in McNeill Bay. I blogged about them as well in the fall, you can see that here. Glad to here they are still hanging around, though if they want to visit at Harling Point, I doubt that anyone over this way is going to be complaining. They are not a rowdy bunch, even in groups.


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