Long Drain


A long(ish) exposure to add to my storm drain series, in which the drain structure looks longer than usual.

This is from the same day as my recent posts Storm Drain IV and Stormy Drain.

It was such a bright day that my ND filter did not give me the length of exposure I was hoping for, but the water and clouds have a nice feel.


Canon EOS 5Dmkii, Canon 50/1.4 lens, ISO100: f-22, 15 seconds. Cameron Fader ND filter at about 7 f-stops density.



18 thoughts on “Long Drain

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  2. Love this series, as you know. Here it looks like a diving board into infinity. It seems to only be attached to the earth at this end and the water looks to be a long way below the far end. Very interesting!


    • And if you had Ben, you would have got extremely wet! There is a hole in the end, and you can see the puffs of spray down there, but the waves were also sweeping the length of the concrete. It contains a storm drain outlet at the end, which are drains that carry surface runoff after heavy rains and the sewers cannot cope with the extra input. It does not carry sewage though. It is a great place to walk out on a nice day, and I often see people out there. And seagulls.


    • Thanks Andy! It is remarkable how this place can change, and how a different method can make it look so different even though taken within minutes of each other (as is the case with the two shots I linked to in the post).


    • Thanks Melinda – this shot does have a different feel than others in the series. Though there are a lot of them and I can’t swear there isn’t another like this somewhere….
      I like the b&w header better too – less distracting but just as compelling.


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