This was taken one of those chilly late winter days when no one lingers too long on park benches.

Not even gulls.




Canon EOS 5D MkII, Canon 50mm/f1.4 lens, ISO200, f4.5, 1/160th +/- 2.0 E.V.




8 thoughts on “Benched

    • Thanks Ben. That toning was arrived at in Photomatix while processing the brackets (which were necessary because the sky was a lot brighter than the foreground, and I had no graduated filter with me). Sometimes that desaturated look really works, with a bit of the feeling of a grey tone about it.


    • Hi Kiki – thanks a lot. It was a toss up what to do with the second bench, but I do like the point of view looking up hill. There are a lot of houses behind this bench, and it is so much better without any of them.


  1. This is a colour picture is it not? The paleness of the colour emphasizes the greyness of the winter day better than if it was a greyscale picture.


    • HI Val. It is an HDR processed shot from 3 colour pictures. HDR processing tends to over-saturate the colours and that did not work for this photo, so I reduced the saturation a lot in processing. I’m glad you liked how it came out.


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