I have been up to the Gonzales Observatory many times to look at its luscious curved dome and rounded windows and the beautiful view. I have never before noticed this cube out back even though I have passed it often. I suppose there was something about the light that finally made me notice it. Better late than never!

Canon EOS 5D MkII, Canon 50mm/f1.4 lens, ISO100, f1.4, 1/3200th




10 thoughts on “Cubism

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  2. The cube reminds me of the Pandorica from Doctor Who ( without the text inscriptions). It is out of place and somewhat suspicious in the context of an observatory. I wonder if it will ever open to reveal a time travelling prisoner inside? (Bit tired – bit of a weird comment – sorry)


    • Hello Katherine – you have a great visual memory and ability to connect things as you have demonstrated in comments around here over the years. I have never seen Dr. Who (gasp) so your reference was way over my head but Dr. Google helped me out. I think if it were to open first there would be a flood of water and then washed up wriggling in the remaining puddles would be small critters and maybe snakes formerly trapped inside. I think it is a cistern and since my parents cistern, which is in the ground, often has snakes which are of the here and now, I am extending that experience to this thing. Of course it may be a Pandorica disguised as a beautifully ugly cistern.


      • Is it really a boring old cistern?! Not the way you photographed it, but then you are great at disguising and transforming things in your art. I love the idea that there might be snakes in suspended animation inside, only revived by the shock of being exposed to the light. I met a lovely little snake the other day. She is a children’s python. She was warm and silky and quite charming. She’d been under her light in her enclosure when I was allowed to handle her. I was surpised how nice it was it touch.


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