No Door No More



There used to be a doorway through this part of this wall which is very clear from the adjacent room.

Because most wall cladding has been stripped in other rooms, you can see that the front of the house used to be a smaller building that was tacked (well, nailed) on the front of another.

The window and door openings were boarded up and new ones cut in different locations.

The marks on this wall are where the door used to be.

I am not sure though that they aren’t the marks of a wardrobe fixed to the wall, even though this room has a fairly large closet.

This is in from the derelict house that I photographed with Melinda Green Harvey a month ago.

Her photos from this location can be found here.

Others of mine from this and nearby buildings can be found here.



Canon 5Dii, Canon 16-35/f2.8 lens @ 32mm, ISO1250, f4.0,  1/200th.



4 thoughts on “No Door No More

  1. love images of things that left their trace after they are no longer there…
    it’s funny I took a similar photograph the other day, havent posted it… I was thinking it woud make a nice series…


    • Thanks Alexandra. I think there is a great deal of interest in these ghosts of past uses, but then I am an archaeologist in my work-life so that is a necessary world view. This house was full of signs of these changes and I am sure more will make it to my blog in the near future.


    • Thanks Sabina! I like how the light switch stayed beside the old door opening instead of moving to the new one (the pink molding on left). I have a light switch like that in the middle of my bedroom wall next to a closed off door way.

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