Through a Grubby Glass



Part of my daughter’s new place is a large converted school bus.

It is attached to a new post and beam cabin full of the rich colours of Douglas fir.

This photo is in a series taken through a side window of the bus which gets quite grubby under the branches of a cedar.

You will be seeing quite a bit through these windows of this friend of my granddaughter’s, and of my granddaughter too.

Some are totally charming and others, like this one, quite creepy – more like looking through the ice on a winter pond.

The mothers like these photos and are fine with me using them.

I wasn’t sure this would be the case.

I am out of town for about two weeks so even if you complain about this series, I can’t hear you for at least 8 days of that time.

But please, feel free to comment! I will get back to you eventually.

I am going to Gwaii Haanas and will be really off grid.

No cell connection, no internet, no satellite except for emergencies.

Sometimes not even marine radio as we are likely to be in some coverage shadows tucked beneath the cliffs of the west side.

I am thrilled to be gone to this wildest of places.

I have not been to the west coast since 1994 and that was one of the best field seasons.


Canon EOS 5D MkII, Canon 100/f2.8 macro lens, ISO2000, 1/1600th , f2.8, -0.7E.V.



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