Surpising Canon Sure Shot 115u

Reblogging is back at 52 Rolls, so here is the snippet and link for my Roll 5 in the 2016 project.
I found this little zoom film camera to live up to the standards set by earlier Sureshots. And to be a step above all the others I have used including Olympus mju series zooms, Yashica point and shoot zooms and Pentax Espio ones. That said, I have not yet found an Espio 120SW, which gets good reviews such as this very well presented one: link.

52 rolls


Last month I bought three point and shoot zoom film cameras – mostly because they had film in them, and working batteries. I expected very little from them, and as you can see from the Pentax Espio 738g that I previously wrote about (here), my expectations were not unreasonable. However, this Canon Sure Shot 115u (Prima Super 115u in Europe and Autoboy N 115 in Japan) was a pleasant surprise. It is capable of taking quite good pictures, despite a 38-115mm ranging from f5.6 to f13 through the 3X zoom range. Dating to the dawn of digital point and shoots (2003) it has a wide range of features of the type you would expect on a small digital camera of that era – various shooting and metering modes, date stamping, macro mode and the like. It really has too many features with a lot of complicated menus on an…

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