Macro on Film II


This macro shot did not work out as it was underexposed. It is a crystalline glaze on a tea-cup made by BC potter Gordon Hutchens (see this link for more of his pottery, including digital macro shots of his crystalline glazes).

For this shot I used a Canon Elan IIe body with Canon FD macro lens, extension tubes and reversal ring adapted for use on an EOS mount – it magnifies around X2 with that combination. You can see it set up on a bellows unit and a Canon Elan 7N body in this post – that one worked better because I used a DLSR body to get the exposure right.



Canon Elan IIe, Canon FD 50mm/3.5 macro with two extension tubes and reversal ring and Rollei CR200 film, commercially processed and scanned at home.




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