Ilford XP2 Disposable

Today I am reblogging my roll 50 which are photographs from one of Ilford’s single use black and white plasticfantastic cameras. Thhe results, while not stellar, are useful and acceptable.

The images are certainly better than some of the cameras I have tested with glass lenses, such as low end folders from the 1920s or 1930s. Go have a look at 52 Rolls at this link.

52 rolls


I have seen the Ilford black and white disposable (or “single-use”) cameras in a drug store for the past couple of years and wondered about them. Finally I bought one of the XP2 versions (the other contains HP5 Plus).

This is nearly as simple as cameras come. It has a plastic 30mm f-9.5 lens and 1/100th single speed shutter. Focus is also fixed but with the wide-ish angle and f-9.5 focuses from 1m to infinity. It is loaded with 27 exposures of Ilford’s XP2 ISO 400 film though the camera I bought produced 29 frames. The film is advanced manually with a thumb wheel. Actually, the thumb wheel retracts the film since the camera comes with the film unwound, and winding returns it to the cassette. There is a counter indicating the number of frames left. And the bit that is not quite so simple is a built-in flash that fires…

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2 thoughts on “Ilford XP2 Disposable

  1. People who have had cataract surgery report that their new plastic lenses work really well so its interesting to see how sharp the detail is in your disposable shots.


    • Hi Mario. I suspect there are some very high tech and sharp plastic lenses out there. Most spectacles are plastic these days too. I should have looked more closely at the camera for signs that the lens is made separately from the clear plastic body. If it is a single mould then the clarity is that much more impressive.


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