Emily Carr Desecration


This is the iconic Canadian painter Emily Carr’s grave in Ross Bay cemetery.

It is a magnet for offerings – all manner of faux spiritual goodies, offered to what I don’t know.

Sadly, the offerings just turn to rubbish and desecrate her grave.

This photos was made with Earle‘s Lomo LC-A+ RL during a camera swap we did on a rainy day in February.



Lomo LC-A+ with Russian glass lens, Fuji Superia X-TRA 400 expired 2007.




3 thoughts on “Emily Carr Desecration

    • I agree that a better place is needed, and perhaps that those leavers don’t also take it upon themselves to check back and clean up from time to time.

      I am not sure why people need to leave something for celebrities. It is very cult like, and distracts their attention away from millions of very worthy others, and the graves of family too.


      • That’s a good point, and I hear you, but I hate to think I know why someone did what they did. Benefit of the doubt I guess. I imagine it would look better without all the “stuff” around, and be a better experience for most other people, too.


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