Cemetery Rows


Ross Bay cemetery in the snow in February with fish-eye lens.



Canon Elan 7N, Takumar Fish-eye 17/4, Ilford XP2, orange filter?



8 thoughts on “Cemetery Rows

    • Thanks Lynn, I think the curvy trees make the distortion less obvious, though the path in the foreground is a straight line, but that doesn’t matter. The straight lines receding from the viewer also work because it is near the centre of the image and thus less subject to distortion. There is a lot to learn in using these lenses.


      • This is the first fisheye I have used, and I think this was the first roll as well. I do have a very wide (16mm) lens, but it is not a fisheye and the distortion is very different – it stretches the corners but has little curvature otherwise. In some ways it is less pleasing than this in-your-face distortion because it makes subtly wrong images that can be distracting.


  1. I like the footprints. It’s like they are a reminder of the living/dead divide (if that’s not too morbid a thing to say)

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    • Thanks Rachel. This is my kind of selfie. Those are my footprints.
      I hope that Australia is treating you well. I’d like to go sometime, visit my mum’s sister who just turned 90, and her husband. Doesn’t seem likely I will be able to though.


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