Steve Smith ~ Dla’kwagila at YVR

This fantastic cedar sculpture, Freedom to Move, is in the Vancouver International Airport.

It was made by Kwakwaka’wakw artist Steve Smith ~ Dla’kwagila

The fisheye lens distorts the installation, but it did allow me to get close enough to eliminate most of the people.

I took these images on my way south to Los Angeles a couple of months ago.

On my way home I passed, in a hurry, quite a number of fine pieces behind security which I was unable to stop and photograph.

The airport has a lot of very good First Nations art on display.

This link gives a guide to some of it – it is worth spending some time looking around if you have time to kill.




Canon 5Dii, Takumar 17mm/f4 fisheye lens


4 thoughts on “Steve Smith ~ Dla’kwagila at YVR

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  2. I like the variety of views and I’m glad the airport has this up in a prominent place. I’ve seen some good work at airports – I think people can be more receptive, possibly, when they’re passing through. Of course often they’re too preoccupied.

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